AccessNurse: Who We Are

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A-C-C-E-S-S: What does it mean to us?


Twenty-four hours a day, every day, our triage nurses have a long-standing reputation for providing safe, timely, cost-effective, compassionate care advice to millions of patients. We continue to pave the way as a relevant entry point to clinical care delivered by the more than 15,000 physicians we work for. Because exceptional access to care advice is always our goal, we are recognized as the solution for the complex challenges inherent in the healthcare marketplace. AccessNurse continues the TeamHealth Medical Call Center’s guiding principles of always delivering compassionate clinical care advice to patients, customized services that exceed our clinical clients’ expectations, and high levels of patient and physician satisfaction that help position our clients for organizational success.


Whether it is a holiday, weekend, or after-hours, our caring registered nurses are available to provide sound clinical advice—we never close. Patients are #1 at AccessNurse. Our nurses complete rigorous training programs designed specifically for remote nurse triage, and our comprehensive and ongoing education complies with care advice standards established by the American Association of Ambulatory Care Nursing. Clients report improved outcomes that result in maximized reimbursements in today’s fee-for-service environment.


Our teams successfully respond to each organization’s unique requirements because we customize our contracted services specific to each client’s needs. This methodology and our state-of-the-art technology has enabled AccessNurse to successfully triage more than 10 million calls, and our processes reflect the critical thinking skills of each of our triage nurses. We are always open and willing to collaborate on solutions that address each client’s strategic goals.


This is an AccessNurse standard. With a scrupulous commitment to high-quality care advice, our nurses offer patients timely recommendations to the most appropriate facility based on our client healthcare groups’ preferences and directives. Year after year we achieve and often exceed industry standards, and our high quality and superior performance set us apart from our competition. After the first interaction with our nurses, your patients will recognize that when your offices are closed, they receive the same level of care advice offered when they visit your offices. They trust the advice they receive from our triage nurses, whether the advice is home care with follow-up care by their physician or to go to an urgent care or ED. With AccessNurse, your patients get the best care advice available based on their symptoms after your office is closed.


AccessNurse saves your patients time and money, and providers are reassured knowing that their patients receive sound care advice when they are not available. An added benefit for providers is the opportunity to achieve an improved work/life balance.


Healthcare guidelines dictate that patients should receive the care they need when they need it, and we can help physician groups achieve that through the telehealth advice delivered to patients calling a physician’s after hours nurse triage line. When patients call their physician’s AccessNurse line, they speak with triage nurses who carefully listen to symptoms and, in most cases, can access the patient’s electronic medical record to ensure that the advice follows the physician’s directives. Safe, on-demand care advice in real time also helps physician groups achieve their strategic objectives through AccessNurse’s referral of patients to their designated facilities when face-to-face care is needed. Timely care advice leads to improved individual outcomes and promotes better health results.

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