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Our commitment to technology is supported by our Information Technology (IT) team approximately 250 IT professionals who are dedicated to creating the best solutions for our services and meeting the objectives of our clients with superior performance. One key differentiator present in every aspect of our technology is the unmatched level of customization that creates a seamless transition of services through the creation of client branding and messaging, practice-specific directives, client reports and secure nurse-to-provider messaging.

AccessNurse’s IT experience, along with more than 300 different EMR interfaces and a broad scope of clients with varying complexity, makes us the best choice as a technology partner in healthcare.

Documentation & Telephony

AccessNurse uses IntefleCS Triage Documentation System, a customizable documentation system that allows practices to drive practice-specific directives. This proprietary system uses embedded scripting and directives to drive protocols, orders, and both patient and call alerts that are specifically customized to each client’s requested criteria. We can also integrate practice-specific standing medication orders based on caller symptoms.

We also utilize the Interactive Intelligence Telephony System through Adapt. This system includes:

  • Voice mail
  • Automated call distribution (ACD)
  • Skill-based routing & intelligent queue management
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) & call routing expertise
  • Call & Screen Recordings
  • Custom greetings & workflows by individual toll-free numbers
  • Detailed Call Statistic Reporting

TeamDoc Mobile

TeamDoc Mobile is AccessNurse’s integrated, mobile-friendly web application that allows direct nurse-to-provider secure messaging. Because it is inter-woven with our triage system, patient information can be instantly displayed to the on-call provider who has the ability to respond appropriately at that point of contact. Secure messaging grants efficient communication between the provider and triage nurse without any wait time.

Key features include:

  • Fast, easy and efficient access to important information.
  • Patient triage information and symptoms are displayed to the provider.
  • Need to call the triage nurse back is often eliminated
  • Provider has flexibility and can execute call handling as desired; the provider can:
    – Agree with the disposition
    – Message the nurse
    – Call the nurse
    – Call the patient
  • Choosing “Agree with the Disposition” often eliminates the need for a call
  • Provider can call the patient with the caller ID number hidden
  • Provider can view all current messages and older historical messages
  • Provider workflow is streamlined
  • Users may include on-call providers, post-discharge providers, hospitalists, practice managers, RNs and Patient Coordinators

NurseLink - A Quick & Easy Intake Form for Your Patients

NurseLink is now available for your patients to request nurse triage directly from your website with the click of a button.

NurseLink offers a seamless way for patients to connect with your organization online, while also improving accessibility and enhancing patient experience.

Perks of Using NurseLink:

  • Improved Patient Experience
  • Additional Access to Clinical Services
  • Potential Cost Savings
  • Customizable to Practice Needs

Want More Info?

NurseLink improves patient engagement by providing a preferred patient access point. To learn more about NurseLink and how this tool can benefit your organization, please contact us today at (844) 277-6312 or


“TeamDoc Mobile worked beautifully. I was attending a talent show for my son and my biggest fear was getting called during the show -- especially my son’s part. I did get texted but did not have to step out of the show, and was able to take care of the problem with messaging alone. That was totally great!”

Alice Lee, MD

Johns Hopkins

“Our team takes great pride in the results of our efforts to maintain uninterrupted system uptime. During the past 12 months, AccessNurse has experienced system uptime of 99.999%."

Lorin Fetzer, Vice President of IT


Finally, a Web-Based, Mobile-Friendly Secure Messaging Solution for On-Call Providers

Download the TeamDoc Mobile Fact Sheet below to learn more

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