Hospital Call Center Partnerships

Comprehensive Partnerships With Hospital Call Centers

How Our Partnerships Work

Whether you are an organization with no existing call center capabilities or an established, high-level call center, AccessNurse can provide solutions geared specifically to your individual needs.

AccessNurse partners with in-house hospital call centers through its Hospital Call Center Partnership Program. The main objective of the program is to provide service and support, either on a temporary or indefinite basis, where our clients’ in-house call centers need it the most.

Hospital call centers can participate in the program when they are adding new service lines or when they need support for existing programs.


We can add new service lines, including:

  • Nurse triage
  • Medication refills
  • Readmission reduction programs
  • Patient engagement
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Disease management services

We also support existing programs:

  • High call volume overflow
  • Select hours that are difficult to staff, such as 11p – 7a
  • Select call types
  • EMR interface

Our process consists of three steps: Learn, Evaluate and Transition.



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Throughout the entire term of the partnership, AccessNurse shares its experiences in staffing, reporting, triage processes, etc. Rather than reinvent the wheel, the hospital call center partner has the opportunity to learn from experience and duplicate best practices that could possibly take several years for the hospital call center to develop on its own.

We encourage clients to schedule time at the AccessNurse offices to work directly with the call center team and to learn processes through observation. Scheduling time at AccessNurse gives clients the opportunity to observe triage and training processes, technology and to work with Client Services to review and develop any customized reporting that may be required.


As part of the Hospital Partnership  Program, AccessNurse provides reporting to evaluate future costs, staffing requirements and call volume trends. In addition, the reporting provides data to measure patient acquisition, reduction of non-urgent use of emergency services, improvement in patient experience and reduction of readmissions.

Some of the reports we offer include:

Predisposition / Triage Outcome Summary

Reveals the impact the nurse advice line has on non-urgent ED visits

Hour of Day by Day of Week

Measure call volume for staffing purposes

Triage Outcome Summary

Determine patient acquisition opportunities that can be integrated with current service lines


AccessNurse works with each of our client’s hospital call centers to develop a transition plan so when he services are implemented in-house, both parties are clear about their roles, length of time and type of support needed. This ensures that both parties have sufficient time to make necessary staffing adjustments to accommodate service fluctuations.

Transitional plans often include a phased approach. For example, AccessNurse may begin by providing 24/7/365 service, and only provide 3rd shift services in the final phase.

AccessNurse has partnered with hospital call centers for 23 years, providing these three levels of service and developed the technology and processes to ensure that all services are seamless and error-free.

AccessNurse brands all calls to your hospital call center and has a training program in place to train our staff on your culture. We invite and fully support your staff to provide culture (and other) training in person and/or via webinars for our staff.


"Utilizing AccessNurse to cover our daytime overflow volume has been a game changer for our staff and patients. The staff are much happier being able to focus on direct patient care, and the patients really appreciate getting their undivided attention. It's a win-win for all of us."

Clinic Manager

Midwest Family Care Clinic

“I can rest easy at night knowing that the AccessNurse is taking great care of my patients. I have used telephone triage services since 1997, and AccessNurse is the best I have ever used.”


Texas-Based Children's Practice

“After partnering with AccessNurse, we noticed how much the nurse documentation improved. We’ve also noticed how professional AccessNurse's Patient Care Coordinators are when working with our patients.”

RN Manager

Privia Health