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Medical Call Center Solutions for an Expanding Provider Market

In 1996, AccessNurse began as a medical call center designed to handle the needs of TeamHealth’s physicians. In the 25 years since we opened our doors, we have continuously expanded our services to meet the ever-growing needs for outsourced medical call center services across a wide variety of provider markets.

Today, we partner with physician practices, hospitals and healthcare systems and community health clinics, as well as pediatricians, university health systems and health plans to provide a broad range of medical call center solutions.

Provider Market
Our 24/7 telephone triage and answering services help provide a better physician work/life balance and an enhanced patient experience.
Our TeamPeds program ensures that patients have an RN trained in pediatric triage who will provide the best clinical service to each caller.
OB/GYN Market
OB/GYN Providers
Our TeamOB program provides specialized, 24/7 obstetrics care advice, utilizing more than 20 triage guidelines specific to to pregnancy.
Community Health Center
Community Health Centers
We've provided 24/7 access to nursing advice and support to meet the needs of diverse and underserved populations for more than 20 years.
Hospital Call Center Partnership
Hospital Call Center Partnerships
We provide temporary and permanent services to in-house call centers needing support for existing programs or adding new services.
Health Plans
Health Plans
Our Nurse Advice Line connects members to self-care information, support and appropriate in-network care.

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