AccessNurse Announces New Sweet 16 Campaign to Recognize Top-Performing Telephone Triage Nurses

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In honor of National Nurses Month, AccessNurse Announced a New “Sweet 16 Campaign” Program to Recognize 16 of Our Top-Performing Telephone Triage Nurses

To be eligible for the “Sweet 16 Campaign,” team members must be nominated by their Clinical Operational Manager and be in exceptional standing relative to performance and operational metrics. This team of telephone triage nurses has met and exceeded operational metric goals and is highly-skilled at triaging our vast population of patient callers; serving over 650 clients in 700+ locations throughout the United States. Additionally, these telephone triage nurses are not only passionate about what they do, they are fully engaged in their role and bring great energy to our AccessNurse team. Please join us in celebrating our first-ever Sweet 16 winners.

AccessNurse’s 2023 Quarter 1 Sweet 16 Telephone Triage Nurse Winners

Join us in congratulating our Sweet 16 winners, who collectively have over 250 years of nursing experience. See below for our first-ever announced Sweet 16 Telephone Triage Nurse winners:

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Kelley (AccessNurse Team 1)

Kelly has been an RN for 23 years. In her spare time, Kelley enjoys planting flowers, mowing, reading and spending time with her four children.

We are so thrilled to have Kelley on our team. Check out what Kelley had to say about working at AccessNurse, “Access Nurse has been a wonderful place to work. I honestly feel like I learn something new every shift that I work. Everyone makes you feel welcome like family and are always willing to help.”

Cheri (Team 1)

Cheri has been an RN for 38 years. In her spare time, you will find Cheri gardening, taking care of her chickens, cats and dogs, reading, and playing with her grandchildren.

Cheri’s caring heart extends beyond work. Check out what Kelley had to say about working at AccessNurse,

 “I love Access Nurse for so many reasons. It allows me to use my knowledge and experience from decades and apply it now in a completely different format. I love that I work from my home, which allows me to keep working during a time in my life when I am growing older and am no longer able to go ninety to nothing. It allows me to continue to be a productive and useful member of my profession and earn a good living at the same time. AccessNurse is hands down the very best company I have ever worked for in nearly four decades, across three states. The level of genuine support and appreciation I receive is mind boggling to me. It really is like ‘all this and a bag of chips’.”

Kimberly (Team 2)

Kimberly has been an RN for 9 years and been with AccessNurse for most of her career. In her spare time you can find Kimberly gardening. Check out what Kimberly enjoys about her role as a telephone triage nurse: “I really enjoy helping callers who don’t know what to do, especially parents.”

Heather (Team 2)

Heather has been an RN for over 22 years. Heathers life is centered around her faith in Jesus. In her spare time, you will find her spending time with her family, husband and three children, working in her landscaping, painting and serving in the local church.

Heather enjoys “helping young mothers work through concerns related to their children, several of whom are first-time parents.” She said that during these types of call she “can hear the anxiety in their voices dissipate by the end of the call.” It’s a great feeling for sure!

Amanda (Team 3)

Amanda has been an RN for 20 years and has been with AccessNurse for 25 years of her career. In her spare time, Amanda collects teddy bears, enjoys reading and completing word search puzzles. In her tenure with the company, Amanda’s compassionate heart was obvious. When we asked Amanda why she enjoyed working for our company, her response was no surprise saying, “I love being able to help work with the new nurses and helping them with their training. I love knowing that I am helping and giving assurance to our callers in their time of need and I love being able to take care of patients from home.”

Lisa (Team 3)

Lisa has been an RN for 14 year. In her spare time you will find Lisa traveling or gardening when she is rooted at home. Check out what Lisa had to say about working at AccessNurse. “Great resources, including the many experienced nurses who have wide variety of nursing backgrounds, the ability to problem solve and to assist our patient callers and co-workers.”

Sarah (Team 4)

Sarah has been an RN for 8 years. In her spare time you will find Sarah hanging out with friends and family by our pool, making custom cookies, party planning, painting and spending time at the lake. Check out what Sarah enjoys about her role within the company, “I have really enjoyed my time at AccessNurse. It has been so refreshing to work for a company that really reaches out to its employees and is very active in continuing to try to make improvements and make our work experience awesome. I have been a Charge Nurse for about a year and enjoy that as well! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for me at AccessNurse!”

Will (Team 4)

Will has been a RN for 11 years and in his spare time he enjoys fishing. One thing he enjoys the most about his role as a Telephone Triage Nurse is helping to “teach new parents how to take care of their infants.”

Diane (Team 5)

Diane has been an RN for over 23 years. In her spare time, you will find her reading, rescuing cats and traveling. When Diane answered why she enjoyed working at AccessNurse, she said, “the kindness, support, and respect- personally and professionally

Kerry (Team 5)

Kerry has been an RN for 17 years and in her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, animals (she has many rescues) and enjoys the simplicities of a quiet simple life. In a quick interview, Kerry said, “my favorite thing about working for AccessNurse is getting to help people in the moments that they need the help. I love that people can call for ANY reason and we can assist them. Most rewarding nursing job EVER!”

Christina (Team 6)

Christina has been an RN for 10 years and in her spare time she enjoys riding and showing horses as well as breeding and showing goats. She says that her favorite thing about working with AccessNurse is “

the amazing team work and work family” that she has gained.

Taylor (Team 6)

Taylor has been an RN for 7 years. In her spare time, she enjoys tanning, true crime entertainment, dining, and shopping. Taylor told us her favorite reasons for working at AccessNurse, check out what she had to say, “I love my job for many reasons, but some of my favorite things about my job include: my awesome coworkers, being remote, and the triage/phone aspect of the job.”

Melanie (Team 7)

Melanie has been an RN for 15 years and in her spare time; you will find her extending her caring heart further as she tends to her 90-year-old mother, 50-acres, goats and cattle. Melanie said that she really enjoys the, “convenience of working at home” after a long commute previously.

Teresa (Team 7)

Teresa has been an RN for 13 years. In her spare time you will find her walking, hiking, geocaching, reading, and crocheting, which are hobbies she had time to do with working here at AccessNurse. Don’t take it from us, check out what Teresa herself said, “I love working from home and having the extra time to spend with my family. I also appreciate the positive and supportive work environment.”

Celeste (Team 8)

Celeste has been an RN for 11 years. In her spare time, you will find Celeste doing what she knows best: caring…for her garden and crafting. We asked Celeste what her favorite thing about working for AccessNurse, check out what she has to say, “ besides the obvious (work at home, no commute time, not having to feel guilty leaving my family behind to go to work) would be her amazing coworkers. The willingness to help in anyways and the support we have from co-workers here are amazing. And my awesome manager.”

Amber (Team 8)

 Amber has been an RN for 12 years with almost half of her career at AccessNurse. In her spare time, you will find Amber video gaming, reading, watching TV, and cooking. When we asked Amber what her favorite reasons for working at AccessNurse she said, “working from home, the amazing teamwork between Telephone Triage Nurses and Patient Coordinators, and a healthy work-life balance”.

Find A Career Nurse Triaging with AccessNurse

We recognize that our team members are the heart of all that we do and we appreciate them! If you have a nursing background, compassionate heart, and want to join our compassionate team, click here to check out open positions here at AccessNurse.

Nadine Benjamin has been a part of the AccessNurse team for almost four years serving as a Sr. Creative Marketing Communication Specialist. Nadine holds a Master of Arts in Public Relations and has an extensive marketing, public relations, and communications background. Previously, she held a communications position for one of Forbes's top 10 largest privately held companies. Nadine's experience is a tremendous asset to our organization as we partner with our clients to support patient access to care through medical call center services. In her spare time Nadine enjoys spending time at the feet of Jesus, adventuring with her 9-year-old son and dancing!