Florida Medical Teaching Facility in Crisis Due to Poor Service Levels


A large Florida medical teaching facility


49K+ student population

AccessNurse Partner Since



Dedicated Medical Call Center Staffing

The Client’s Challenge

A large Florida teaching facility’s centralized call center was seeing very poor service levels during business hours. Facility management admitted that they were in crisis and needed immediate relief.

Our Solution

The facility turned to AccessNurse, and AccessNurse rapidly dedicated eight agents to ensure that phone calls were answered quickly with callers being transferred based on the facility’s temporary directives. When the directives did not apply, the agents took messages. Simultaneously, AccessNurse built access to the facility’s EMR system and added project staff so AccessNurse could train call center staff on the facility’s EMR while continuing to supplement the needs of the group. As AccessNurse agents completed training on the facility’s EMR, they began working in the EMR to deliver “first call resolution” and absorb the call center’s entire volume.

Our Impact

Today, AccessNurse dedicates 20 patient coordinators and a manager to this client. Callers receive very rapid responses and first call resolutions while our partner is completely freed from the challenges of call center management.

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