When Temperatures Dropped, Our AccessNurse Team Rose High

We’re are thankful for our team members who supported our clients during the extreme weather storm in January 2021. As the icy roads and power outages paralyzed many locations across the country, affecting many of our clients in Texas, Oklahoma, and other southeastern and northeastern states, our team members went above and beyond, working extra hours to assist our clients with their patients.

Together, AccessNurse helped over 100 client locations continue to provide care for patients.

As the storms moved across the eastern side of the US, the closure emails continued to come. Without missing a beat, our nurses continued taking calls into the evening and arranged their time off to help our clients and their patients with very little notice. As crazy as that winter weather week was for so many of us, it was truly amazing to see such thoughtfulness, care, kindness, flexibility, dedication, and hard work that our amazing group of talented nurses gave,” said our Clinical Workforce Manager.

In events like these, we are grateful for the opportunity to help our clients continue to serve their communities during unexpected disasters when they need it the most.

Disaster Preparedness Strategy for the Healthcare Industry: Managing Unexpected Emergencies Through Medical Call Centers

Whether your community faces natural or man-made disasters, a response plan is essential and has a tremendous effect on the situation’s outcome. It either ensures or hinders you in continuing to deliver care for your patients when disaster strikes. 

A sound plan and reliable resources are the first steps to prepare for unexpected emergencies. If you are looking to strengthen your healthcare organization’s preventative measures, you should consider outsourcing medical call center solutions today. 

In addition to immediate, cost-effective relief that medical call center services provide in normal operations, having these services already-in-place greatly supports healthcare organizations in critical times by:

Providing Immediate Patient Care Support

If disaster strikes near you, your organization’s in-house resources might not be stable enough to continue operating. Having an outside support line for patients is vital when weather conditions and natural disasters impede your normal operations.

Maintaining Continuity of Patient Care

In any disaster, physician-patient communication is essential to continued patient care. Stay ahead during a crisis by using medical call center solutions to provide timely, consistent, relevant, and accessible information to your patients. 

Diverting Unnecessary Visits & Providing Appropriate Level of Care

Educate your patients to use your nurse’s telephone line as the first-stop for non-critical health concerns before a disaster occurs. Offering this care-access-point mitigates unnecessary emergency room visits if a disaster should occur, allowing your staff to focus on high-acuity patients and reserve your hospital beds for critical patients who need it the most.

Provides Data to Prepare for Your Next Unexpected Disaster

Partnering with a medical call center solution gives you access to call data to help you make educated decisions when dealing with future disasters.

Don’t Wait, Call AccessNurse For Your Medical Call Center Services 

The answer is simple: improve community disaster preparedness by providing a dedicated nurse advice service line now. Take your first step in preparing for the unexpected. Click here to contact AccessNurse now!