Schmitt-Thompson Guidelines Ensure Appropriate After-Hour Dispositions

Nurse telephone triage organizations using Schmitt-Thompson After-Hours Nurse Triage Guidelines can correctly direct patients to the right level of care:

The latest published Schmitt-Thompson After-Hours Nurse Triage guidelines indicate that organizations who use the Schmitt-Thompson clinical content continued to provide high-quality care to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in the following outcomes:

With more than 65% of calls resulting in non-emergent outcomes, these healthcare organizations decreased ED costs and supported improved ED utilization, saving room for patients needing immediate hands-on care during critical times.

See the graphs below, summarizing medical call center encounter data for the calendar year 2020 of organizations using Schmitt-Thompson After-Hours guidelines — segmented by pediatric and adult patient callers.

Schmitt-Thompson After-Hours Guideline Users: 2020 Disposition Rates

Schmitt Thompson After Hours Dispositions

Schmitt-Thompson Guidelines Distinguished for Producing Appropriate Results

The Schmitt-Thompson guidelines have been featured in several research studies in peer-reviewed journals, which highlight positive results, including:

The Schmitt-Thompson clinical team works closely with the CDC and physicians and nurses experienced in telephone triage to update the nurse triage guidelines annually, ensuring the content is compliant, current, and evidence-based. Using these rigorously reviewed nurse triage guidelines, our clinical team has the needed support to provide the best care to patient callers.

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