New AccessNurse Team Recognition Program

We are proud to acknowledge the important role that our awesome team members play in our company’s continued growth and success. To recognize team members who go above and beyond to provide the highest quality care and make a difference in our clients and their patient’s lives, we introduced a new internal team member recognition program.

Here’s How It Works: Our entire AccessNurse team nominates team members who excel in their role and show compassion in their daily life, and a winner is selected to receive a Pelizzari Patient Care award each quarter.

The Story Behind the Pelizzari Patient Care Award

High-quality patient care standards have always been a significant cornerstone of our company and our quality programs, and we know that our team members play a vital role in its success. Our new team member program represents our appreciation for our entire AccessNurse family — past and present. This new company initiative especially pays tribute to our late team member, Teresa Pelizzari.

Teresa worked for AccessNurse for over 13 years and was loved deeply. She embodied a genuine commitment to compassionate care, which shined through her impressive ability to consistently provide patients with the highest quality care level. As the Vice President of Quality and Process Improvement, Teresa helped implement AccessNurse’s original quality care programs and help lead AccessNurse forward. After a courageous battle with cancer, Teresa passed away in 2005. Our entire AccessNurse family misses Teresa dearly and will never forget everything she has done for our company.

We hope that this program continues Teresa’s legacy and serves as a constant reminder of our company roots and our origin, one that reinforces quality care. Most importantly, we hope this program helps thank all team members and their dedication to AccessNurse.

Pelizzarri Patient Care Award Recipient: Cheryl Scott, RN, AccessNurse Triage Nurse

We were pleased to announce and virtually present our first ever Pelizzari Patient Care award to recipient Cheryl Scott, RN, a triage nurse at AccessNurse.

Cheryl Scott has been a nurse for over 11 years and has a background in hospice. Before working at AccessNurse, she worked at Select Specialty Care and the University of Tennessee. Since joining our AccessNurse team, Cheryl has shown extraordinary and unwavering compassion when caring for patient callers. In addition to her dedication to providing quality care to patients, Cheryl shows compassion to her coworkers, always willing to help out by picking up extra shifts, taking difficult callers, and completing reports for other nurses. Her work produces excellent metrics, and she is always a positive force on our team. Cheryl is dedicated to her career as a nurse, and it shows through her actions.

Join us in congratulating Chery!

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