Improve Patient Experience With AccessNurse

In this digital era, patient experience is a vital part of healthcare and a top-priority for health systems. It is a critical component of your ability to attract and retain patients.

Better patient experiences are associated with being able to provide timely, cost-effective evaluations for your patients, along with reassurance and professional guidance, all crucial to giving excellent patient care.

Telephone nurse triage is fundamental to a great patient experience because of its focus on the emotional connection, trust, and empathy which all helps to support the goal of building long-term patient-provider relationships.

Read on to learn more about how AccessNurse’s nurse triage solution improves the patient experience.

Reduces Wait Times & Offers Reassurance to Your Patients

There are many instances that a patient believes they may have a medical emergency, and are uncertain on whether to or not to go to the ED. When they finally make a phone call to their doctor’s office, there are either longer wait times, or sometimes it goes straight to voicemail which can lead to a negative patient experience.

Did you know that more than two-thirds of patients say that their providers need to improve their patient communication?

A longer wait time of 24 to 48 hours or even more, to have themselves evaluated can feel frustrating, and could lead the patient to misdiagnosing themselves and an unnecessary visit to the ED.

AccessNurse’s telephone nurse triage solution offers the opportunity for patients to talk to a trained, highly-qualified triage nurse who provides reassurance and timely guidance to your patients reducing their anxiety.

Provides High-Quality Care

When the patient calls the doctor’s office or a dedicated number, the call gets forwarded to AccessNurse. All calls are live answered with a client specific greeting to ensure a seamless service.

The call is handled by our highly-qualified triage nurse, who utilizes the Schmitt-Thompson evidence-based protocols, also known as the gold standard, to provide accurate, safe, on-demand care advice.

The Schmitt-Thompson protocols are widely used and accepted, providing guidelines for almost all symptom calls to help nurses give high-quality healthcare advice.

Timely care advice leads to improved individual outcomes and promotes better health results.

Decrease ER Utilization by Directing the Patient to the Appropriate Level of Care

When patients are sick, they are concerned, and want to talk to someone as quickly as possible, and if they can’t effectively communicate with their provider, they will go to the ED which may be an unnecessary visit, and more expensive care.

Using AccessNurse services guides patients to the appropriate level of care, and alleviating their anxiety, by doing thorough assessments of the symptoms and providing them with next steps and recommendations based on the Schmitt-Thompson guidelines.

AccessNurse continues to stand united with our healthcare partners to ensure quality patient care. If your organization needs support with nurse triage calls during this fall season, click here to start your journey with AccessNurse.

Karen Brown serves as Vice President of Strategic Growth and Client Relations for AccessNurse. In her role, Karen applies her operational knowledge and passion for clinical excellence and patient experience as a consultant to potential clients. She works with clients to understand their objectives and advises on AccessNurse’s services to add value to our client organizations.