AccessNurse Supports Pacify in Providing Care at Home During COVID-19

An Infant and Maternal Health Provider Partners with AccessNurse to Enhance Quality Care Using Telephone Nurse Triage Services


During a year in which patients faced tremendous barriers to accessing healthcare services, Pacify and AccessNurse partnered to provide consistent, high-quality care to parents and their children through a nurse triage service line.


In 2020, more than one-third of adults in the United States delayed or skipped necessary care during the pandemic, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s national Coronavirus Tracking Survey. Not only did adults go without care, the survey also found that nearly one-third of parents said their children missed healthcare services because of the pandemic.


By utilizing AccessNurse’s triage services, 43% of Pacify’s patient callers receive care at home — the same percentage of callers who received at-home care in 2019.

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