A Voice of Calm in the Storm

Thank you to our incredible team of triage nurses and patient coordinators for supporting our clients through one of the strongest hurricanes ever to strike Florida as the Category 4 storm – Hurricane Ian.

With a storm that brought fierce winds, unrelenting rains, and catastrophic flooding to Florida, and with its continued strength, made its way towards South Carolina, you were there, a voice of calm in the storm.

Even during this chaotic time, you went above and beyond, by putting in extra time to help our clients with their patients, providing compassionate care advice 24/7, and ensuring that the callers in need were directed to the care they needed.

Your calm, caring voice which many needed to hear amidst all the mass devastation did not go unnoticed. Many Access Nurse clients expressed their gratitude, one client stated:

“When natural disasters strike and patients need continued access to telephonic care, AccessNurse is there!  Recently during hurricane Ian, the team at AccessNurse was equipped, ready with a plan, and executed so that our patients continued to have world-class access to clinical triage.  This team acts like our team and moves swiftly to ensure world-class patient care,” said our AccessNurse Client.

These unpredictable and chaotic disasters often leave people feeling helpless. We thank you for always being there to alleviate the helplessness and their anxiety by supporting those in need of care and empowering them with guidance and reassurance.

We cannot always predict when disaster will strike, but we can always know that you will be there.