Nurse Triage Enhances Telemedicine Services

The pandemic made in-person patient visits risky and unavailable, forcing a rapid shift to telemedicine. According to a report by Medscape, remote patient engagement is up by 225%.

Now that our society is on the mend of COVID-19, the healthcare industry has seen a positive development in improved telehealth services – which is not surprising considering telehealth services improve convenience and safety for both the providers and patients. The pandemic solidified that telemedicine providers are essential to patient care, especially when it comes to supporting vulnerable patient populations like the elderly and those living in rural areas.

In a post-COVID world, utilizing telephone nurse triage to support telemedicine services has become necessary to meet consumer needs and deliver high-quality patient care.



Benefits of Nurse Triage Services for Telemedicine Providers

As the healthcare industry continues to look for ways to improve patient access and patient experiences when seeking care, providers continue to partner with medical call center solutions to support operations. A reliable and trusted telephone nurse triage partner provides support to telemedicine providers for many reasons:

Appropriate Level of Care

By using protocol-driven triage guidelines with telemedicine outcomes, telephone triage nurses can effectively determine when a telemedicine visit is suitable for a patient’s situation. Providers can rest easy knowing their patients are directed to the appropriate level of care.

Provide 24/7 Access to Care

Telemedicine plays a critical role in providing patients with 24/7 access to care. By utilizing telephone nurse triage services, telemedicine providers can supplement 24/7 access to care, especially during after-hours.

Support Patient Compliance

Allied health professionals, like nurses, can assist clinicians in improving patient compliance through patient engagement.

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