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The Client’s Challenge

In 2020, more than one-third of adults in the United States delayed or skipped necessary care during the pandemic, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s national Coronavirus  Tracking Survey. Not only did adults go without care, the survey also found that nearly one-third of parents said their children missed healthcare services because of the pandemic.

Our Solution

In a year that created even more hurdles for people trying to access healthcare, telehealth helped fill critical gaps for providers and patients. Having been partners for over seven years, Pacify and AccessNurse continued to provide high-quality, consistent care to parents and their children despite healthcare challenges. By already having a nurse triage service line in place, Pacify and AccessNurse helped 43% of callers receive care at home — the same percentage of callers who received at-home care in 2019. This means that during the pandemic, Pacify provided the same level of high-quality patient care. Patients could access healthcare services, 24/7, in the comfort of their homes, while complying with social distancing and safety protocols.

In addition to receiving care within minutes, the nurse triage service line allowed patients to receive the appropriate level of care, helping to curb unnecessary costs. Without the nurse triage line, an estimated 57% percent of patient callers would have inappropriately chosen a higher and more expensive level of care, such as the ER. Instead, patients who used AccessNurse in 2020 were triaged and treated in a clinically appropriate setting, saving on average $1,389 per ER visit*. See ER Cost Savings Per Number of Patients graph below

Our Impact

By already having a nurse triage service line in place, Pacify and AccessNurse helped 43% of callers receive care at home — the same percentage of callers who received at-home care in 2019.

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